UniTrek™ Shoecover
Superior Strength and Durability

For the past 30 years, the nuclear and chemical industry has used a latex (60 to 80% rubber solids) male former dipped shoecover for worker protection needs. GLC, in cooperation with the UNITECH protective apparel company was tasked with developing a shoecover that had superior durability, UV protection, and functionality at a comparable price to the latex shoecover. As a result of our exceptional design and product development capability, GLC designed, prototyped, and setup fully scale production for the all new UniTrekÖ shoecover. We manufacture the UniTrekÖ from 100% virgin rubber, pigmenting and compounding the rubber ourselves. Since Vietnam is one of the worlds premier rubber producing countries, GLC can source this high quality, virgin rubber at a fraction of the cost for other manufacturers in the USA and other Asian countries. The UniTrekÖ shoecover is produced with our compression molding process utilizing a unique 3 piece mold and extremely high pressure, high heat presses. Because GLC manufactures our own presses and molds, our start-up cost was a fraction of that for US and other Asian manufacturers. The result of our development project is a shoecover that has consistent uniform thickness at 55 mil, is resistant to UV deterioration, and is 10 times more durable than the traditional latex shoecover at a comparable price to the latex shoecover. This was GLC's first design development project and GLC is proud of the projects tremendous success. The UniTrekÖ shoecover has direct applicability to the nuclear, chemical, and industrial worker protection markets. It is currently available in 1 through 5 BAR color coded sizes. And we recently added the green UniTrekÖ for use in clean areas.

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